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Loping Coyote offers a full range of consultation, design and education services.

Site Consultations and Assessments

We offer on-site and remote project evaluations, from native landscaping to backyard farms to broad acre land management. We can design a service to fit your needs, with various levels of involvement, from simple visits and brainstorms to complex research and detailed project planning.

Farm and Garden Design

This is when projects get tangible and exciting! We can tailor a design to your needs, from bubble diagrams to master concept designs and detailed planting plans.

Irrigation Systems

We specialize in drip irrigation systems and can help you with your new or retrofitted watering needs, from city landscapes to farm fields.

Landscape and Garden Build

There are very few landscapers coming from a perspective of sustainable system design and organic food and habitat production. That's our niche. We build gardens all around the area for people looking for our type of approach and experience with productive hardy plants.

Farm/Garden Educational Tours

We frequently host group tours at LCF and other affiliated sites where we can explore and talk about (and taste!) the infinite subjects related to food, pollinators, natural building, soil regeneration, people regeneration, and on and on - all through the lens of the farm/garden.

Teaching and Speaking

There's nothing better than getting to share what we've learned and to try and inspire kids and adults alike to get outside, get in the ground, and get involved.

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